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Stockcar Racing Board Game
RASC is a fast paced, exciting simulation of stock car racing. The dynamic RASC board game comes with 2 different race tracks demanding different racing strategies. Up to 20 drivers experience the thrills of being in the driver's seat in a stock car with the exitement of true racing. All drivers make their own pit and race strategies to win the race and eventually the RA Cup for winning the RASC championship. MSRP $39.95


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Dealer Inquires RASC Stock Car Racing Board Game


20 Detailed Stock Car Playing Pieces

Another track on the FLIP-SIDE!

All the Parts That Come with RASC

Compatible with 1/144th Scale Cars (not included).

RASC Features

  • Highly detailed, realistic graphics
  • Re-sealable game parts bag
  • Platform and parts tray
  • 20 detailed plastic race cars
  • Fast paced action
  • Compatible with 1/144th scale diecasts
  • 2 Large tracks on a flip side board
  • Reinforced box construction

  • 3 sets of dice
  • UPC Coded
  • Realistic action and incidents
  • Easy enough for kids
  • Realistic enough for adults
  • Short and long races
  • Championship play
  • Realistic qualifying and pit stops

RASC was developed with the race fan in mind, and it simulates true stock car racing. It is realistic enough for die-hard race fans, easy enough for children, and strategic enough for the game player. RASC is for 1 to 20 drivers and recommended for ages 10 and up.

RASC comes with 20 detailed plastic stockcars in 10 different colors, and enough dice and race forms for an entire season. Also, a decal sheet allows you to customize your cars. Model paints can be used to customize your cars even further! Follow the structured RASC season as outlined in the included Driver's Handbook or simulate your favorite series. RASC is also compatible with any 1/144th scale or smaller diecast car, which offer great detail and life to the RASC board game.

Click Here for an online demo of RASC


RASC can be played using up to 1/144 scale cars. Visit our friends at 123 Studio Toybox Collectibles for a great selection of model cars that can be used with RASC.


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